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property and facilities management

A consistent, high standard of service quality and professionalism by the managing agent will enhance a property’s market appeal and investment value.

FMBU ensures that property portfolios, no matter how disparate, can be managed and maintained to ensure that their value is sustained and enhanced. We add value to property portfolios through our extensive, practical and invaluable structural, architectural and M&E technical knowledge and experiences combining with our integrated skills and expertise in property and facility management in providing our clients with one-stop service.

We take pride in offering our clients a full package of services of the highest quality. Placing clients’ satisfaction is our top priority has spurred us on to a deeper level of dedication and responsiveness. We strongly believe that through our fullest commitment in total quality management, we are able to ensure excellence in all our services rendered to our clients in the most efficient way at the lowest possible costs.



Our property management services include but are not limited to the following:

•    Car park management;
•    Conducting of functional tests on facilities;
•    Coordinating/ supervising of fitting-out and reinstatement works;
•    Fire safety management;
•    Formulating of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP);
•    Integrated facility management; 
•    Lease management;
•    Managing agent services; 
•    Project management;
•    Security management;
•    Space planning.




We offer a full array of comprehensive integrated facility management services ranging from technical operations and maintenance to the office and administration services as well as sub-contract management but not limited to the following:

 Maintenance and Inspection Services

 Creative & Value-Enhancing Solution Services

Audit and inspection of M & E Facilities

Building structural inspections
(every 5 years)

Fire certificate (new application/ renewal) inspections

Functionality tests on M&E facilities;

Inspections of electrical installation work;

Supervision and certification of maintenance 

Application for change of use;

Calculation of gross floor areas (GFA);

Defect rectification works;

Fitting-out and reinstatement works;

General building repair works;

Interior designing works;

Minor addition & alteration (A&A) works;

Retrofitting/ replacement works;

Space planning works (eg. sub-division of spaces);

Upgrading/improvement works 

Secretarial and Administration Services

Secretarial and Administration Services

Budgeting and managing of maintenance & sinking funds

Invoice billing and collection of payment

Proper book-keeping of accounts:

Preparation of financial reports:

Application and renewal of licenses

Facilitating of meetings;

Liaison between consultants and government authorities; 

Maintaining proper documents & records;

Preparation of reports;


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